Friday, May 31, 2013

Blessings On the Wings of Burdens

“Blessings are often sent on the wings of burdens. Fear not the courier, lest you miss the gifts that the Father sends your way!”
We never know what is right around the corner for any of us. We can be in the depth of torment or grief or languor and there it comes: a blessing from God. It is an ever present possibility. And it is the thing that we hold onto for dear life when we are in that dark corner subsisting on the scraps of this existence.
Where there is hope there is hope.
The fact of the matter is this: we must restore ourselves by the power of God to thinking the right thoughts and to validating our feelings whatever they are. We don’t judge ourselves or condemn ourselves. We simply let ourselves be, and then bring our thinking around to the possibilities.
Possibilities are beautiful things, and though hope meanders through our presence, as we waver from hope through despair and back again into hope, possibilities always load-up our hope.
We are best not to get too downtrodden by the lack of deliverance out of the things we hope for. We look back and we see how our hopes have failed us, how we still wait, and how long we may still have to wait. Yet we know the blessing remains around the corner, possibly.
We are graced by the Presence of God as we persist in hope, because we entertain the thought of how we might feel, and we enjoy the imagery of what the blessing might look like.
When Hope Is Everything
Such a wonderful concept is hope. Hope is the thing that helps us defeat the temptation to fear. It is not a bad thing to hope for something that seems totally unrealistic if it will get us past the point of fear; this we can deem as faith.
With hope we remain open to what God might do.
With hope we have poise for the moment, patience as we wait, and a happy disposition that we can enjoy.
With hope we have so much more of what we construct through the power of God, and any construction built on God’s name has a solid basis and strength about it.
When hope is everything, fear is diminished, and we roll with a buoyant uncertainty, fuelled by faith. Nothing can defeat us when God sponsors us with Strength.
We never know what is around the corner, and this can give us tremendous hope when life turns south. When hope becomes everything, fear is quashed, and we accept the uncertainties of life with a buoyant joy that comes from God’s power. Nothing can defeat us when we have this hope.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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