Monday, November 12, 2012

Walking God’s Line and Time

God dropped a thought into my mind once; wisdom is sprinkled throughout the entire world and it’s for our mutual and global edification as we share.
One wisdom quote:
“When every moment becomes a Divine Appointment,   
then you have learned to walk with God.”  
— Darlene Rose.  
Truly, for all believers, there is a chase to that reality that beckons where God is constant.  Like the elusiveness of happiness and peace is the idea, but God is beyond ‘ideas’ to the actuality of experience.  And there’s no limit to the experiences of God.  That’s all the encouragement we need to pursue this Lord.
Every Prayerful Moment
The wisdom quotation, like most such captions, is rich as it’s diverse.
The first line is a prayerful hope because it’s the surrender of thought for the moment—every moment—to God.  And whilst that might seem impossible in reality, possibility isn’t really the point (though some will insist it is possible).
Intent is what it’s about.  The fact that at any time we expect God to ‘walk in’ via the folding circumstance is to behold that prevailing second in awe.  This is most relevantly the language of prayer—total cognisance of the Divine.
Importantly Conditional
The mature person enjoys conditional statements, like, “If you do one thing, then another thing will happen.”
When the acid is on such a person they can deal with this cause-and-effect reality.  There’s no use moaning about the fact that we live in a conditional world.  If we do one thing, there’s a good chance a certain outcome may occur—with reliable odds.
There is safety in conditions.  Do one thing for the achievement of another.  We work for conditions, and when we work we’re under the reliable assumption we’ll be paid for our labours.  It makes the work worthwhile.
The quote above is highly conditional—being a “when... then” statement—so it offers the same reliability and hence safety.  God is faithful.  If we choose to see everything as from God, we’ll have demonstrably learned to be in step with the Lord.  We have chosen obedience.
Walk Humbly – Think Devotedly
Choosing to see God in all our circumstances—good, bad and indifferent—is choosing to walk humbly (Micah 6:8).
Such devoted commitment to walking with our Lord is not so much hard as it requires moral practice from consistently leaning on God and not on ourselves, and our own power or intuition (Proverbs 3:5-6).
Walking with God is agreeing to think his ways, as thinking his ways is encouraging us to walk humbly with him.
It’s a circular package, and that is what the quote at top suggests; insightful thinking will influence our behaviour as our behaviour will also influence our discerned thinking.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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