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The Meaning of Christianity

“This is the meaning of Christianity; it is the breath of a new nature; it is the translation of the soul into a higher universe and a loftier scale of being, even introducing it into the family of God Himself and making it a part of the Divine nature.”
~A.B. Simpson (1843–1919)
The father of the Christian and Missionary Alliance church states, before this quote, with eloquence, the higher order humanity enjoys at their selection by God to reign over the earth. Further to this, of course, which is featured here, is the extension of this concept, of God’s anointing, to Christians. This is not being elitist.
The Royal Life
It’s not difficult to understand Simpson’s allusion that the Christian is destined to live the royal life.
But the regal life of walking in the Spirit has its own special difficulties. For starters, what is, for the Christian, a poignant awareness of their spiritual surroundings, carries with it pain. The anxious are known for their ultra-awareness; the Christian, further still, has much less tolerance for denial—they are kept to the truth. There are other difficulties, also; for instance, testing. Satan loves to tempt Christians and our desires tempt us to. In these we’re tested.
Notwithstanding these difficulties, and the above description is bound to be an over-simplification, the highest place on earth is saved for the regenerate person. They have an even more cherished place, believe it or not, then the esteemed genius or professor of their kind—who may be given to atheism or another misguided choice of religious pining.
Christians are princes and princesses by virtue of their relationship with God, through Jesus, by distinct merit of their surrender and repentance—that they’ve owned, and promise to own, their truths—that they’ve requested God keep them to account, evermore.
What Could Be Better?
As carnal Christians who are trying to be as spiritual as we can be, we’re still given to worldly comparisons. We still notice those that receive more than us, and when we feel unjustly treated in contrast. Though we’re new creations, and we’re being renewed day by day, we still have the sinful nature to deal with. It’s actually of sizeable comfort that we acknowledge this as a human universal, beyond the reach, mostly, even of the redeemed life.
The above taken into account, what could be better than having the anointing of God resting upon our souls? We have been esteemed as heirs to this great fortune where heaven exists in our hearts as a deposit for eternal life.
The meaning of Christianity is position and purpose. Commissioned by grace and knighted by a Royal sceptre, the loftiest life is within reach because the spiritual heart has been regenerated. From a position of Divine anointing, because of our repentance, we have a purpose and the privilege to serve.
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