Monday, March 12, 2012

Things That Only Happen By Miracle

We can thank God for all things, but especially for the miracle; that thing, despite all our efforts, we could never manufacture nor influence.

So we can separate all outcomes of life into those we can manufacture or significantly influence, and those we have no influence over. Some things only happen by miracle—by a dynamic beyond us, and any reasonable and rational explanation, unless discovered after the fact. Many miracles, like ideas of lateral thinking, are logical only in hindsight.

But the nitty-gritty of those things beyond us, those things we’re desperate for, can be influenced, albeit supernaturally.

When A Miracle’s Required

What can we possibly do to influence the impossible; the transforming of a difficult relationship, for instance?

Perhaps we’ve sought the approval of a family member for years, and intimacy between us, even now, stands at a distance. Eye contact is difficult. There’s no natural predisposition of comfort. We trust but it’s hard. Or, perhaps there’s no trust when we wish there would be. Added to our dilemma is a sharp desire, maybe one that’s mutual, for the vision of the cherished intimacy to unfold. We try too hard. Things don’t get better, they get worse; or they only get better for a short period.

Surely everyone has experience of such a situation; anything beyond them.

What can make the difference? As Christians, we know the answer. If we ever want a miracle, we pray. And because we believe in miracles, and that faith (through God’s provision) generates these miracles, we employ our faith so we may experience the miraculous in our midst; so we may experience the goodness of God’s majestic provision.

When Prayer Is Never More Important

“And [Jesus] did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.”

~Matthew 13:58 (NIV)

Miracles and faith go hand-in-hand. If we’d be a strange form of believer, one we’ve all had a try at, and vacillate back to from time to time, we may want the miracle yet not have the faith to pray and wait faithfully—that is, expectantly but not impatiently.

In those relationships and situations that we cannot transform of our own steam, we need a miracle; faith that things may be transformed through a power beyond us and all we can do.

Prayer at its best is sending faith-filled, doubtless pleas to God in the heavens that Divine, supernatural Presence would come and breathe difference into the situation. Having prayed the issue is left alone. And even after years of such prayers, faith contends that prayer may, still, augment the miracle.


Things that only happen by miracle, those far beyond our direct control, require resilient prayer. And prayer, properly enacted, requires faith—to give it to God. Believers believe in miracles; they believe God can make a difference beyond them. We give our impossible things to the Spirit that can help.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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