Thursday, March 8, 2012

Forging Spiritual Progress

Although many hate the term, it’s doubtful there’s a better phrase promoting spiritual progress toward our soul’s equilibrium than ‘congruence’; meaning, being at one with the fullness of our experience of life.

This is the halcyon state where glory makes its home in us, via the Holy Spirit, and there the attachment is made to heaven, in a ‘now’ sort of way.

If we intend on getting to important destinations of the soul, we need to know what they look like. Congruence of self—the enabler of the pattern of joy made possible despite our circumstances—is our goal. Getting there is embarking on a learning journey that has us opening up, more with each month, to our present, because we’re more curious about our pasts, and because we’re working on a more affective empathy for others.

Life Is The Learning Ground

There’s hardly a more potent truth enabling and empowering us to the fuller, abundant life. Let’s dissect it.

What is life? What is your life?

Whatever conclusions we individually draw, life’s about dynamism. Nothing’s truly static where life’s concerned; otherwise it’d be dead. Life is exploration, curiosity, abundance... but also reticence; joy... as well as loss; much happiness... but also sorrowful sadness. It’s the full experience, is life.

Therefore, it’s a learning ground. Every conscious moment we can learn. Where we do, life improves—our personal power and capacity increases.

Importantly, when life becomes, for us, congruent, in that we agree that it’s the learning ground, we stand to debunk many myths that have taken hold in our lives. This is a key step in removing roadblocks to spiritual progress.

With a learning mindset, we flush out negatives like pride, making room, characteristically, for humility—to be open to learning is to personify humility.

Chasing The Real Prize Of Life – Congruence

When we can meet experiences of reality, really and in the moment, with all feelings engaged, we have attained congruence. This is a conditional state of self—conditional on perceiving, and acting from, the truth; the reality as can be readily or widely observed.

At such a place no assumptions are made; all stimuli are checked for fact because it’s taken as information for consideration or action. This achieved, we find we’re at a centric oneness with our core selves, at least as we practice the moment.


Spiritual freedom awaits. Within the achievement of being at one with ourselves and God, through a commitment to learning, spiritual progress is inevitable.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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