Friday, August 5, 2011

Trusting a God That Never Tires

An inescapable thread is manifest in all of life—the Law of God as it unfolds. The casually deliberate observer takes no umbrage at the disposal of such events. They, instead, marvel at the intense and random beauty of a force so pervasive it commands worship.

As notice is taken of the sense—God working—in the ‘saving’ of nobody in particular—sight is seen of the Majesty above creation; the Being controlling it, harmonising it.

This is a splendiferous thing; most probably beyond our deliberate insight; and a thing so obvious it hides in its inevitability.

Accepting the Incomprehensibility of God

How do we describe God?

How do we, not less, comprehend this sole Deity—a force beyond reckoning? The point is we cannot. God proves the capacity for life and tranquillity at the acceptance of certain inalienable truths.

At peace with God, in truth, we have every spiritual thing we are able to grasp. But when the moment comes to grasp greedily, all of the good vanishes. God cannot be “got”.

Instead, we cast our minds to heaven, as we conclude that God works infinitely, eternally—beyond our wishes and prayers.

God Working for Us – In Acceptance

So, it may be ruminated of: just how does God work and, specifically, for us?

Well, it’s first to be based in the word acceptance. As God is unfathomable—to the study of holy antiquity—so is the mode of acceptance in the holy and heavenly realms. Acceptance is otherwise humility and certainly faith. It’s also, at the inner core, maturity. And how is acceptance to make its mark in us?

It’s in the practice of disconnecting from the world, and disentangling ourselves from the grip of the flesh-greed cling—that manner of being that has us acquiring, even beyond sense.

Instead, we connect with eternal life—those things in the here and now that persist despite us. We agree with the forward flowing force of life itself; to the laws of grace permitting us freedom.

We plan but we do not become inflexible to those plans. We also reflect but we don’t get lost in reflection.

We understand our finite place in the quanta of infinity—and we accept the chalice that’s our life, to live in harmony with this flow.

God Working Always

Before Jesus—the Man—God was working. Since Jesus, and eternally, God works. And the Son always was, is, and always will be—working, as part of the Godhead.

We know now how to live.

Not under some rock of captivity to a law; but in appreciation—all the same—of the irrefutable Law of the God Most High; a Law captivating love.

There is a sharp, yet discreet, difference. One law has us home to indifference, pain, confusion, anger, and a chaotic certitude. The other Law relieves us of these in an instant as we’re called higher in our conscious mind—God is working, just as God has been working, and God will always work.

God never tires.

Humble appreciation of this matter will enlighten and ignite a sense of wondrous acceptance which will join any mood of pleasure or pain that remits through us. These matters are not hard to trust, for we see them operate more and more as we note them in acceptance.

Trusting enough to let go of the gasps and grasps we interminably have, and trusting enough to hold on when it matters; that’s the key.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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