Friday, August 12, 2011

The Spirit’s Invisible Power

What is madness to the world makes new sense to us—the brotherhood and sisterhood of Christ. We sensed this power the first time we were willingly weak in the Lord; as we trusted God when the world told us we should not.


As sight is commanded,

In our own strength we come,

Faith is thus remanded,

To us, God’s power’s rendered dumb.

Now, God’s power’s seen invisible,

Faith shows why,

A power not divisible,

No reason to try.

Strength is found in weakness,

A power to enable,

Manifest in meekness,

Bring willingness to the table.


Coming in our own strength, we place faith on remand; imprisoning it by the pride of our flesh. We, as it seems, render God’s power, dumb.

The Holy Spirit’s invisible power can only be seen by faith; it is faith that shows why. This is the power not divisible—we cannot control it or direct it. It just is. A paradoxical power, there’s no reason to try but surrender in trust.

Willingness is the only thing we ought to bring to the table, before God’s Presence.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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