Saturday, March 6, 2010

Psalm 19 – For When You’re Feeling Elated, Guilty or Worshipful

WHEN WE WANT HUMILITY, ILLUMINATION OR WISDOM we could readily come to this most wonderful, royal wisdom psalm.

Verses 1-6: praise God for the glory of the heavens and the wonder of the universe. The heavens display dramatic evidence of God’s existence, his power, his love and his care. Thank him for such magnificent beauty and the truth it reveals about him. How can we not simply be in awe of his wondrous creation?

Verses 7-11: the law of God is entirely reliable. When we’re in tune with it, it revives us and makes us wise, even when we’re simple in originality. The precepts of the Lord are right and in this we trust and derive much confidence. He is our Rock and Redeemer (v. 14). This section of the psalm is most reminiscent—a snapshot—of the majestic Psalm 119. The truth is sweet to our taste making all of life straight, even warning us when we stray from the ancient path (Jeremiah 6:16).

Verses 12-13: God forgives our sins immediately when we unreservedly repent from our hearts. He protects us from further sins when we seek him and keep on praying. When we receive his protection it is assuring to us and we allow the Holy Spirit to soothe us away from self-condemnation—a thing that plagues many a Christian. We don’t feel guilty or ashamed when we know God loves us unconditionally, like the prodigal son’s father—indeed, we have returned, haven’t we?

Verse 14: it is every decent, genuine Christian’s heartfelt prayer; that our hearts would be infused with God’s heart so we can think and speak in ways that are pleasing in the Almighty’s sight. We may often fall short, but it is this truth and this prayer we come back to.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

Acknowledgement: Zondervan’s NIV Life Application Study Bible.

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