Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Goes Wrong Usually Does So on the Wettest Days

Driving on a rainy day recently, noticing and dodging debris strewn over the roadway as I went, there was the poor old truck driver a kilometre ahead re-fixing his load of scrap metal. I thought two things: pity on the truck driver and thankfulness it wasn’t me.

Yet, I too and you, have had these times and events happen just like this.

Have you ever noticed this phenomenon? Things go badly for the unprepared on the foulest days, weather-wise. A lot of people attribute this to the so-called Murphy’s Law which I find in some ways absurd, mainly because it’s merely part of the broader scope of God’s universal law at play, and a part that often we find narcissistically ironic.

Murphy’s Law is meaningful to us from the viewpoint of the personal significance we attach to the event. Yet, these things can happen to anyone, anytime. God is no respecter of persons--in that he favours not one over another--with regard to the laws of life, be we princes or paupers.

Good things and not-so-good things happen to everyone. Why should we isolate the not-so-good things and attribute it to a fanciful theory of bad luck. Perhaps it’s conversational? For, we’re so apt at making allowance for things, even ridiculous allowance.

So, we are best to see that when these things happen, it’s not Murphy’s Law exacting revenge on poor old me, but it’s a sign that we could have prepared and anticipated more and been more diligent.

Life’s chock full of lessons if we’re adherent enough to listen and take heed.

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