Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Femininity Every Real Man Needs

Homophobia characterises many an Australian male’s psyche. It’s as if where there’s no overt machoism, he will fear being shown up as a ‘girl’s blouse,’ especially around his mates. And this reveals a snare to this mentality. To become a real man he’s got to learn to temper his natural aggression and embrace some of the feminine psyche. This could make any man shriek!

A quick look at the female psyche reveals some qualities every man needs.

Apart from a certain hormonal moodiness that can plague any female on a cyclic basis, women are generally much closer to the godly ideal than men are. Amongst other things, they’re more in touch with their emotions and generally more honest with themselves than men are. They’re also more relational. In a word, they’re more authentic.

For a ‘bloke’ to come close to approaching the character ideal of Christ he needs to take on board some of the characteristics of authenticity associated with that of the tender gender.

He can learn a lot about humility, honesty and finally courage by becoming more female. Most of all females are nurturing, and that trait alone sums up something of God that the man lacks and therefore needs.

In an interesting twist however, there are many young females departing from the traditional and natural female character ideal toward the weaker male ideal, and this is a great travesty. They’re doing this for a great many reasons, but it’s sad to see women becoming ‘more bloke’ to impress men, or their blokey female peers, or as a response to a world they think wants them to behave this way. Yet women going this way should realise it’s a character trap to be inauthentic as manifested either by a lack of self-honesty, courage or humility.

If only both genders would take the female character ideal and set that up with the yoke and approach of Jesus there would be much more moral godliness displayed in our society.

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