Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I know what I want

Photo by Rosalie Lyons on Unsplash

I’ve experienced the best of life
And I’ve known the worst
I know what I want
God can redeem us even when we seem cursed.
I’ve been with the happy
And I’ve been with the sad
I know what I want
Being with those who are real makes me just glad.
Many people in life have no interest
In going deep with their pain
I know what I want
To be with those travelling in the rain.
So many times I’ve been asked
Why I focus on sad things
I know what I want
The beauty that God brings.
I’ve found you cannot have
Enough of God’s profound grace
I know what I want
Anything that makes me seek His face.
I’m not afraid
Of what hurts in this life
I know what I want
Just to trust God in the devil’s strife.
Such majestic beauty enfolds
Through vulnerable sacrifice
I know what I want
Courage will suffice.
I’ve learned never to underestimate
The value of connection
I know what I want
Jesus’ redemption in the power of His resurrection.
This life is so deep
So beautiful and true
I know what I want
To see the beauty in the blue.
Call me a fool, go on if you will
It could be a mistake
I know what I want
I don’t want to be fake.
God is real and life is hard
Both realities in union
I know what I want
I want truth in communion.
In this suffering life
Faith comes into its own
I know what I want
In Christ to be grown.
Just what on earth am I saying? There is more to life than consuming and living superficially and being right all the time and even getting everything out of life that we can. Life doesn’t owe us anything, and neither does God. And yet life is an opportunity, as is conflict, and stress and grief and anxiety.
If only we can learn in life that it is best to stand solid in loss and not run away from pain. Even in our trembling we can learn so much. Indeed, as I know personally, and as I know others in their personal situations, life truly doesn’t begin until we’ve journeyed through some hell.
We must travel through some things to see the beauty on the other side. Faith would not be faith otherwise.
If we never had to trust God,
we would never learn to trust Him.

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