Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Here below is a vision for the church in this day, or for any day. This is Plan B Church:
A church for a world that doesn’t work; for a people who lost hope in the vain promises of the world long ago; for a people who discern the lies but don’t want to fall into cynicism.
A church for a life without answers. A church committed to resting in questions that embrace mystery.
A church for those whose lives have arrived at the fact that Plan A doesn’t work.
A church for every person who craves true connection and God’s acceptance through the practiced though imperfect love of others; for persons seeking a deeper reality of connectedness.
A church for the person who is desperate to love and be loved with the safe love of Christ.
A church that is a safe place to come and to rest and to grow at the Holy Spirit’s pace; a place to be safely vulnerable.
A church where the Beatitudes of Jesus are the pinnacle of our vision and ministry.
A church where faith and repentance discussed, explored, lived, where believers bear fruit that leads to social action.
A church where all are genuinely welcome and find that their brokenness is embraced.
A church where church is not an institution but an anywhere place where the first are last and the last are genuinely first, and leaders continually embrace this and keep themselves accountable to this.
A church where leaders are marked by servant-heartedness, steward-mindedness, and love people with a shepherd-love.
This church is a Plan B church because it’s a church for those for whom church didn’t work.
This church is a Plan B church because it’s firmly rooted to God’s Plan B — the upside-down kingdom represented in the Beatitudes of Jesus.
This church is a Plan B church because it exists to proclaim hope for the oppressed, release for captives, good news for the poor, and recovery of spiritual sight for those who acknowledge they’re blind.
Being a tiny community, this church is committed to being a seed — to joining the extrapolation of the Plan B Church concept alive and well in more suchlike tiny communities all over the world.

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