Friday, March 23, 2018

Seven ways Tears beat Fears

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash

This article is brought to you today by the concept of tears of depth when the heart is moved. A vision God gave me in those tears: there are multiple ways tears help us to feel alive every day and remove fear.
1.     Tears in being touched. In worshipping God, for the moment of being touched is true worship. In seeing prayers answered, no matter how small. In seeing hope realised. Worship negates all fear.
2.     Tears at injustice. Rather than an anger that loses itself in rage, an anger based in fear, tears at injustice prove the power of a righteous anger that commits to doing what it can, and merely accepts what grieves God’s heart.
3.     Tears for sadness. It’s obvious that tears are for sadness, but did you know that without awareness and expression of sadness when we’re sad there is only fear left because we have nowhere else to run… with courage to sadness or with fear to anger.
4.     Tears of connection. When two people connect through tears something is happening, whether it is empathy, lament or forgiveness, and fear has been overcome.
5.     Tears of joy. Nothing quite beats those tears that are shed on instinct when euphoria takes over. There is no semblance of fear in such a moment.
6.     Tears of laughter. Yes, such a momentary joy for the brief excursion into connection with absurdity. Again, the absence of fear.
7.     Tears at truth. Sometimes the truth floors us, and in the surprise of it all we simply give way to waterfall of emotion. Where we face truth, fear is also faced.

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