Friday, October 27, 2017

Man of Sorrows for the Woman and Man in Pain

Photo by David Watkis on Unsplash
JESUS hung out with all the wrong types, because no ladder-climbing was done there. He sought out the lonely, broken heart, unlike His detractors who loved ladder-climbing.
Jesus would rather approach and stay with a lonely, broken heart than make merriment from ‘success’. His heart’s affinity was for and with the suffering. How many happy, self-contented people did Jesus heal?
As soon as our heart has been broken we’re automatically attracted to others who have had their hearts broken.
Little wonder then that Jesus, the Man of Sorrows from the heartland of what we call Isaiah chapter 53, connects with us in the depths of our sorrows.
When we’re lonely and afraid, shattered and disappointed, confused and overwhelmed, beaten and ready to give up, there He is; ready and waiting to lift us, because He knows what’s involved.
Intimately acquainted with pain, our Lord sought not better like He was owed, He accepted worse than He deserved. Because of His affinity.
If you are tired, afraid, lonely, numb or grieving, the Man of Sorrows is your Man in and for your sorrows. Acquainted with pain, He is acquainted with your pain, like you nor I can truly understand. His heart is for you. He richly desires to meet with you in your lament. He is there with you by His Holy Spirit. Reach out and be still and know that He is God.

In meeting you in your brokenness He will show you how to connect with Himself in order that you may connect with others.

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