Friday, September 8, 2017

Light Shines Brightest at Night

THERE are foundational salvation truths we learn only in our darkest days. We never expect to be blessed at a time that seems so irretrievably cursed.
But we are.
If we can let go of the threads that bind us to what was.[1]
The most significant word: if.
Of course, it’s easiest to let go when those things we could never let go of are ripped out of our grasp. Such situations are the hardest realities. So what we find in the hardest of authenticities is the easiest of choices, for choice is a luxury we’re not afforded in cataclysmic loss.
And still we must make the choice to suffer as much as possible without resistance.
That must be the key to entering the revelatory world: where light shines brightest at night.
And what a revelation that is! To suddenly discover the existence of upside down realities we always suspected were true, yet had never experienced. And now they’re real. This is where the déjà vu Spirit communicates things we always knew but didn’t know until we did. Then we recognised we had already had a sense of knowing them.
This is the rare life that Christ came to reveal to us, epitomised on the cross. So few Christians, however, have experienced such revelation that precedes Kingdom transformation.
This is because there are two steps: the first step, loss; the second, humiliation. Loss polarises many into wastelands of bitterness and resentment. There is a refusal to be humiliated as Christ was. Whether we deserve humiliation or not is not the point; Christ didn’t. Our flesh must be crucified, regularly and often. None of this is easy to write or read. But unless we’re crucified, regularly and often, we cannot grow into wisdom through revelation.
Humiliation teaches us humility.
Then it is in that night humiliation where the light that shines through is brightest. Because there is now nothing that can come against us that hasn’t already set itself against us. There is no longer anything more to fear. If we survived the worst that life can throw at us, nothing can hold us back in our hope for a restoration some time off.
See how if Christ is for us, nothing is against us?
We could never learn such experiential truths until we 1) suffered loss, and 2) suffered well the humiliation of our pride.
We know we must lose our life to find it.
At darkest point,
at dimmest hour,
let God anoint,
you by His Kingdom power.
Allow the darkness to brighten the light, and God will enlighten your sight.

[1] Even as we let go of that which we never could otherwise, God never truly takes it away. We find later that, spiritually speaking, what was once ours, is always ours.

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