Wednesday, August 2, 2017

I’m From – Reflections at 50

I’m from Ron and Coral down Armadale way
and as a youngster in bed I wouldn’t stay.
I’m from Dampier with little brother Dave
together we had many a close shave.
I’m from wearing an army uniform
getting dressed in the right gear would become my norm.
I’m from sweet still sis Debra, in September ‘73
Oh how our lives have been enriched though you we did not see.
I’m from Dampier, to Perth, with little bro Matt
poor little guy in the middle seat he sat.
I’m from footy in winter and summer for cricket
gee didn’t I love to take a wicket!
I’m from cracking farts to advanced in mathematics
Yes, years 7 & 8 were filled with all kinds of dramatics.
I’m from Countdown and KISS, Pink Floyd and U2
I’ve always loved music especially when I’m blue.
I’m from Karratha, as good a place to grow
with mates, whose names, all ended in ‘Y’ or ‘O’.
I’m from squats, bench presses, and chins
bodybuilding and good times and other kinds of sins.
I’m from the Falcons footy and Salt cricket club fun
that goal on Taylor, 50 metres on the run!
I’m from pumps and diesels and iron ore screens
but work now involves the sharing of coffee beans.
I’m from the nineties and having three gorgeous girls
those dancing concerts and wigs with curls.
I’m from Amy and Zoe and Rhi
what blessings in their lives I’ve had the privilege to see.
I’m from separation, divorce and devastation
but thankfully God engineered my restoration.
I’m from God, who reset my course
a passion to serve others became my life force.
I’m from Sarah, from the family of Brown
solid as a rock, the jewel in my crown.
I’m from writing to unravel enigmas
a passion to advocate against all kinds of stigmas.
I’m from Ethan, our little dear
right now, he’s one I like to be near.
I’m from Nathanael, the preciousness of loss
But I’ve learned that life comes from death at the cross.
So... I’m from son and grandson to husband to father
and there isn’t another life that I would rather.
Now to you all, who have been important to me
love is reciprocal, I know you’ll agree.
Thank you.


Tim Coggin said...

Great poem, Steve; heartfelt, honest & fun to read too

S. J. Wickham said...

Thank you, Tim!