Friday, February 10, 2017

From the Worst Moment to the Moment of Clarity’s Hope

Driven long into a momentary despair for any reason at all, our lonely souls crave connection. We would fall into temptation if we didn’t bear the moment’s pain. That’s plain tough!
The moment of pain is the worst of moments. Irreconcilable. Crushing. Bewildering. Yet, staying such a moment is in the stillness of being at rest in the palm of God’s hand. Possibility.
From the commitment to live reality faithfully comes a truth that’s harsh. We cannot run away from loneliness when it strikes us; when relational connection is impossible.
And still the truth will do something to us to compel us forward, for God is in the truth.
When life stagnates, and the moment sucks, and there seems no way out, anxiety turning to despair, there really is but one way — forward. To keep moving forward. To step away, farther from the past, still beyond the present, as we strain toward what is ahead.
When nothing holds us in the past’s insanity, we’re free to head into the sanity of what is ahead. The distinctness of hope anew. Not that we’re sane or insane, just the past takes us into the unproductive churns, flurries of chaos, yet as we look ahead we stride in the faith that will rectify a strewn spirit and set us free to pace a straight path.
As we embark on the inbound hope, outbound of a treacherous present, we look outward and upward, away from turmoil, higher upon the possibilities, and we sign ourselves up to the pledge of courage.
Bearing ever forward, the tenacity of spirit to step in one direction, the past remains, but does not harass us.
Moving forward, we look back, not focusing on a past of regret, but seeing a present exuding progress.

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