Monday, September 26, 2016

Believing in them as Jesus Believes in them

I believe in the Principle of 10 out of 10.
Believing in people as Jesus believes in them is about investing time in them as He would.  It’s not about drawing attention to their faults.  It’s about entering into the material of their lives.
Seeing others through the lens of grace is viewing persons in our midst as image bearers.
Only one image is borne upon the mind; this person, right here, with us, in living, breathing, thinking, feeling form, is a being made in the Creator’s image.  The One who created this one created everything else.  They’ve been made in His perfect image, priceless in value, inestimable in worth.
It doesn’t matter what they’ve done.  Jesus’ first interaction is encounter.  In encountering Jesus, a person sees their sin for themselves.  It is the Holy Spirit’s job to convey an understanding and convict a person of their wrong.  Being their Jesus, as all Christians are called to be, we focus on loving them, and there is no condemnation in love.
Believing in a person as Jesus believes in a person soon necessitates action.
Having gotten to know us, and indeed having found safe harbour, the person soon shares a fear, a vulnerability, a burden, a sin; something they feel guilty for and ashamed of.  Even then it’s not the case of giving advice.  It’s the opportunity to listen intently, to thank them for their trust, to enjoy the sign of a newfound intimacy.  To just sit there in the wonder of relational confidence.  The person won’t continue to share if they find us giving them advice.  They could get that from anyone, but never from Jesus.
Only having been convicted from within about an action they need to take can we endorse it through encouragement — “Go and do likewise.”
At all times, never is a person out of Jesus’ loving care.  We’re called to go and do likewise.

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