Friday, July 15, 2016

Isaiah 52 – The LORD’S Presence for His People

People of God, you are each, every first and last one, special to Him who created you, who has redeemed and raised you through His crucified and risen Son, and who restores you daily through His Presence, and who protects You perfectly by His Spirit.
God’s Presence is for His people.
In Isaiah 52, Yahweh is sanctifying His chosen nation, Israel.  Nothing Israel could do could ultimately separate it from their Lord.  Each of us, since Jesus, can be likened to His nation, just like each of us is integrally part of His Israel, the Church.
Yahweh is rich in His Covenant Presence, assuring His people that they are His, and He is theirs, unequivocally.  As such, this section is an oracle for what is invisibly seen in this living age, for those of us who search spiritually, as much as it’s an oracle for what is coming — when we’re all resurrected from this corrupt world.
The Freedom in THIS Redemption
God’s redemption costs us nothing.  It is free in Christ.  What is priceless in value could never be bought.  Such is the love of the Lord that He would never accept payment for what is undeniably and unfathomably ours.
Freedom From What Was, To Step Into What Is
We, the people of God, are granted to arise and shake off what we’ve worn; the dust of our pasts that have held us back whilst we were captive to the enemy.  Now that we look to God for visions and revelations for how to live our lives, He redeems us constantly in our moments.  And if any despise us, they despise Him, and oh what a foolish thing that is to do!  We’re warned here, too, that it’s contemptible to look to ‘Egypt’ for help.  We must stay out of the world as far as we possibly can, bearing within our consciousness, daily, the contempt we have for the Lord when we go the world’s way, which is more an ever-present danger now than ever.
Bringers of Good News!
Oh the honour to make public the glory of the Lord!
Freed, we go out, in the joy of God’s Presence, transformed from within, new vessels, acquitted by grace in such a way as to have cognisance for what was, but to know it as no impediment, but as a glory unto Him for what He alone has done; in accord for stepping into what is, we go!
God, Our Every Protection
We go in the knowledge inwardly known, in our soulish core, that we are His.  And with that knowledge retrofitted exactly as if custom made to our identities, we go, knowing He is before us, and our rear guard.
The enemy casts all sorts of aspersions toward us; that God can abandon His children.  But God never can, because God cannot sin against His own covenant.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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