Sunday, February 14, 2016

Trusting One Thing to Be THE Thing

COMPLEXITIES in life tend to cloud our perspective, dilute our efforts, and cause us maximum stress at times.  What if one thing could be the thing?  What if one thing drove the rest of the show?
That one thing is a Person.  That Person is Jesus.  If we genuinely order our complex lives under Him — as a solemn matter of truth — yes, this very moment, and every moment — then we will have power.  This is my direct experience: for faith to work we must first give up what we want.  We cannot have things our way and live by faith.
This is a hard truth to learn.  Nobody can be a disciple of Jesus and retain their substantive say and view on things in life; everything is to be governed by Another: our Lord through His Holy Spirit.
How Much Are You Prepared to Trust?
When the Gospel says, “Trust!”
And you choose, “No!”
You turn Jesus’ Words to rust,
And He cannot help you grow.
Trust doesn’t happen in a vacuum, as if trusting were that simple.
We always have our context, and that context is littered with baggage and biases.  We have all our emotions to deal with, and every strong feeling must be tossed into the mix of our surrender.  ‘Faith’ is no good otherwise.  It’s null in effect and void of power.
But there is power in the one thing: a glorious-to-God submission so that His Kingdom would win through our surrender.
It will seem at the time that we’re being a doormat.  But that’s the farthest thing from the reality.  Only when we more fully give up our petty wants and desires do we find Jesus gives us something back that was, until now, completely, yet only tantalisingly, out of our grasp.
Trusting God is sheer peace; it’s not confounding in any way.  But we must give up our poor attitude and remain open to what our gift-of-libation will proffer the Kingdom at hand.
We must give up what we cannot keep in order to gain what we cannot lose.
We cannot keep hold of those things that come from our pride, because these will be swept away in the torrent of a calamity that is coming.  We cannot lose those spiritual things of our living for the Lord; they endure into eternity.
See, having nothing of our own way is the way we obtain every good thing.  Nothing’s lost.  All is gained in surrender.  We’re blessed in our submission to God.

© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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