Wednesday, December 30, 2015

You Are A Person, and Some Things You Should Know

HAVE you thought about your life lately?  You are a person.  You’ll read that line many times in this article.  You… are a person.
You are a person,
And have you thought about this?
You were made for your life,
Whether you’re bored or at bliss.
You are a person,
So will you consider this today?
You were born to be,
Whether skies are coloured blue or grey.
You are a person,
And whether you know it or not,
God’s got your life covered,
Down to the last jot.
You are a person,
How will today be?
How you handle it,
Comes down to how you see.
You are a person,
And today rings the choice,
Will you nurture fear or complaint,
Or find reason to rejoice?
As you gather about your life, all the tassels of detail and finery of experience, as the days have merged into months, the seasons of your life, not one thing has changed about who you are.
You are you.  Perfectly and utterly loved, even if you do not even have the courage to love yourself.  The God who made the Entirety made you; God who made a trillion galaxies, made the galaxy of cells that comprises you — a single organism.  God made you to subsist as a planet in a solar system full of other planets, all carefully revolving around each other in seamless fashion.  (Okay, relationships are never really that cool, but it was God’s design that we would love as we’re loved, and we have to admit what a wonderful intent that is.)
The reason we were made was to fill the world with praise for our Creator.
The purpose of our being is to make known the One who made all things.
The meaning is in our flesh; the soul with which was made to house God’s indemnifying Spirit.
When we’re won to the reason, the purpose, and the meaning of our life, we’re one with God.  This is because the One who made us made us in a way to be one with him.
And when we know God and accept our life as he has ordained it to be we’re granted the choice of joy for the reason, the purpose, and the meaning implicit in being.
The fact that you are a human being means that God made you, fresh, to order, for such a time as yours.  You are a person.  And you’ve been made in God’s image, for God’s glory, to be the bearer of a testimony of his grace.
There is one idea that is beyond any disputation: you are a person and God made you to be you.
As far as God is concerned, there is nobody more important or more significant than you.
Enjoy being you.  You only have one life.  Living it as it is, not forever putting off life for the dream of ‘something better’, is the abundant life Jesus came to give us — a life that is home to our truth.  All of it.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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