Monday, November 16, 2015

When God Speaks It’s a Most Powerful Prayer

ABSOLUTELY dependent are Christians on prayer — that mode of communication between them and their God. But prayer isn’t just something that a Christian does in praying aloud to their God. Prayer is something that God speaks through his Spirit to the Christian. Or, at least that’s the most powerful prayer there is. And when God speaks he speaks consistent with his character.
Whenever God reveals his will he does so in alignment with his Word.
Never can it be that God communicates contrary to his Word. According to Martyn Lloyd-Jones the Word does not replace revelation, but it is there to correct abuses. We can never say God told us to leave our wife for another woman! We’ll never find anything like that in the Bible.
It’s ridiculous for any Christian to say that God doesn’t speak to them. Okay, he doesn’t quite speak in an audible voice, but surely we can discern the movement of God’s Spirit in the flow of life. Then, we also have the devil’s talk to contend with. He likes to speak through our pride, envy, anger and so forth. So if God speaks through the whispers of our genteel experience, surely also we’re vulnerable to the wiles of Satan. And so begins the spiritual warfare within each of us — between the ears and between mind and heart, as much as through the ebb and flow of life.
Read God’s Word often enough and we find God is speaking to us all the time.
The Importance of the Eye
Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:22-23 how important the eye is in seeing — spiritually. To see things as they are, in reality of fact. Our hearts are easily deceived. We see things through our hurt. Our hearts prove filters through which our eyes see, but our minds need to be engaged through the power of God’s Word to repel what our hurt hearts bring.
If we watch what we allow our eyes to see we’ll guard our hearts and minds.
Is it any coincidence that a “bad eye” relates to the evil of ponerous (Greek from which is derived the word “pornography”)? It’s also related to a “loyalty divided” where we become unstable (James 1:8). The eye is susceptible to seeing bad things.
Our human default is to slide toward the bad eye, when it can only be through the good eye that we can see God is speaking to us in order to hear what he’s saying.
The Secret to Hearing God Speak
We can safely say that the secret to hearing God speak through the silent rushes of the Spirit, which are discerned inwardly, is to keep our eye pure. We don’t watch unedifying television, and much less corrosive or racy material. We don’t spend time with people who are leading us in the wrong direction. We take care to spend time in real relationships with people as opposed to playing games on the internet.
Spend time with God in prayer and God will certainly speak to us.
Spend time with God in prayer — which doesn’t need to be us speaking all the time — and God will ‘show up’ and speak.
God speaks most powerful prayers, but we only discern them when we view life through eyes that allow his light in.
When we fill our lives with light for life, God fills our lives with hope and grace.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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