Sunday, October 4, 2015

2 Reasons Why Your Life Has Purpose and Meaning Today

YOU may have had enough of life to this point. You may be having a wow of a time. You might have landed on your feet eventually or suddenly. You may be so over life as it stands. You may be ready to move on. You may even find yourself in that extraordinary position of being where you never dreamt of being.
The truth is you are where you are, as am I; as each person in the rest of the world is.
We have little say over where we’re at in life, now, as we need to accept it this moment, but we’ve had a say in where we’ve come to be. Still, life is what it is, and we hardly had a say over the vast majority of things that characterise our lives, to this point.
Notwithstanding the things that we cannot control — those things we’re wise to simply accept now, and moving forward — there is great purpose and meaning to your life… to all our lives.
There are two compellingly irrefutable reasons:
Your Day — This Day — Is Yours — Is God’s (See Psalm 118:24)
This is such an amazing fact you’ll hardly believe its simplicity as you begin the journey of exploring it. This day, this very time of your life, as one twenty-four hour period, is where history is written.
Your personal and remarkable history.
Think of the power of your choice. You’re writing a book, this very day. Every choice, every thought, every act, word, and deed is written in the history of you and your life. That is significant. That is worthy of your attention. That impels you toward purpose and meaning. Nothing you think, say or do is void of significance.
That may bring pressure, but equally it brings hope!
Your Destiny — Coming to You — Coming to All — Soon (See Revelation 21:5)
This is something that can be taken from no one: one’s eternal destiny. We shall all die. And we all get to choose not if we’ll return to God, but where and in what capacity. We’re far from home. Yet home is just over the horizon. Your life is fleeting. Mine or yours could be over today. We just don’t know.
A decision for Jesus is purpose and meaning for the very minute, even the second. We make that choice and we blessed in all eternity, because we start to live not simply for now, but for the now to come! That now will last and last and last. It’s so opposite to this now. And that now will not only last eternity, it will have no pain, no tears, no suffering, trials, and suffering; just blissful joy.
Your day and your destiny: an eternal purpose and meaning for eternity.
Your day is pregnant with possibility and your destiny heaves with hope.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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