Tuesday, April 21, 2015

God’s Purpose In Injustice, Slander and Misrepresentation

EVIL serves the purpose of the Lord, not that the Lord wills it that way.
It is of genuine sadness that we are unjustly treated, slandered, censored, misrepresented. But it serves God’s purpose. It serves the Lord’s purpose that we are castigated by all manner of wrongdoing when we shelter under the wings of the Most High, God. We are forced to depend on God when we are brought to our knees by those who would slay our reputation.
We didn’t even want to be there. We feel angered not simply at the initial injustice, but ever more so that we have been wrongly judged. They say we are weak when we have had it confirmed by the Lord that we are weak only for his account in order to gain the only strength there is. They say these things and God is using them. Praise God!
God is using them to force us back into him.
The injustices cast against us never do us any harm at all. What does it mean if our protagonist has the wrong view, yet we are still free to serve the weak, the poor, the ailing, and the repentant sinner?
We are more than conquerors through Christ who loved us (Romans 8:37).
The more fatigued we are on his account, having endured many silent persecutions, the readier we are to look with glee upon him alone who can help us.
The more unjustly we are treated, the more we are tempted to cuss, but the closer we are to the grandest of divine capitulations.
We have the path to true greatness before us. Injustice, slander, censoriousness, misrepresentation; these are crucial antecedents of the reliance on God that we would otherwise not partake of.
To take the cross into our own unique experience is to transcend our petty human experience.
God has much more for us, yet none of it can be experienced, in the present context, devoid of suffering.
There is much, much more. We must first, however, break past our own self-conceived and self-limiting fears.
There is a purpose in suffering injustice, slander, censoriousness, and misrepresentation. They force us to retreat into God.
True dependence on God saves God the final say in the midst of our situation.
True dependence on God in the midst of pain is tears without words; gut-wrenching fury without action; ghoulish sorrow without ending things.
True dependence on God is the purpose of injustice, slander, censoriousness, misrepresentation.
When the Lord is teaching us true dependence we resist with all we have. It’s a wrestle. This is not ever an easy lesson. But humility is the key.
Humility conquers injustice, slander, censoriousness, and misrepresentation.
© 2015 S. J. Wickham.

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