Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Prayer for God’s Will and the Power of His Hand

Our Father In Heaven...
Through Your Holy Spirit here, in and through and within us, on Earth, we thank You for our faith, first and foremost.
Above all, You, in the heavenly glories, stand eternally as the Paragon of Creation. You designed all things to work harmoniously within universal creation, and we specifically praise You for having created our little one. He or she is not smallest to You in all the universe. He or she is already known to and by You.
It is often hard for us mere mortals to understand what you are, alone, as the Sovereign of Life, are doing and allowing here on Earth. But by faith we say there is a purpose in all things under creation’s ceiling. Our baby has a purpose, and though we may not know it just now, his or her purpose is vouchsafed and sure.
We pray only for the discernment and the doing of Your will. This baby of ours is more appropriately Yours. Help us to know how to honour You in the context of our baby’s life – however fleeting it is likely to be.
We believe in the power and in the promise of the divine movement of Your hand; but we will not assume that this is Your will in our circumstance. We surrender ourselves to You, afresh.
Our Lord, our Saviour, our King, help us to do everything to discern and do Your will. Make it as clear as possible to know how to obey You. And give us courage when the difficult decisions remain to be made.
We asked these things in and through the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord. Because it was Jesus who was scourged and insulted and disdained so unjustly, we are encouraged to maintain our obedient resolve. We know that God will vindicate us at the right time if we do not give up submitting to his will.
Oh Father of our faith,
Keep us nice and safe,
As we venture this road unsure,
Be with us night and day,
Let it only be through Your say,
That our child comes through Your door.
These matters are now before God, and we are thankful that life has been made simple, now. When we discern and do the matters of God’s will, then we are ideally placed to enjoy a simple and peaceful life that understands life is in God’s hand.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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