Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Making the Best of Life One Day At A Time

Life can be loved or loathed it really does depend on our attitude toward this gift we’ve been given. Stupendously beautiful is this creation that we are blessed by every day, and no matter what we do to destroy it there is always so much that proves that God is in control.
We can enter each day, afresh. No matter how awful or how wonderful the previous day was we do start afresh each day, though we may, by our attitude, bring forth something from the past into the new day.
That can be either a best-case or worst-case scenario. It is up to us. We have more control than we often think we have.
Living life one day at a time, making the best of what we have in the present moment, which is nothing about possessions other than those spiritual ones we carry with us in our soul, is about waking up with perspective enough to search for a broader outlook on life; to go out into the garden and smell the roses; to wake up to the sunrise or consider the Sun as it sets, acknowledging that the world goes around and around eternally. And if the best things of creation our unchanging, we are able to preselect our emotions based on the unchanging nature of God, who has promised to never leave us nor forsake us, even if it feels like he has.
There is a simple fact of life: we can adjust and readjust our attitudes at any given moment, but first we must be aware in the moment of going off track.
As we trail off into anger or resentment or pity or despair, we come to be aware of our lack by the Holy Spirit and then we simply manually reset our attitudes; we glory in the sunset; we look at a baby’s face; we consider laughter as good medicine; we think a lovely thought; we consider how surreal our negative attitude is and how simple it is to shift our focus, to change our tack, and to turn toward God, again.
What challenges are ahead today?
What mountains are there to climb?
No matter what comes against me,
I’ll take my life one day at a time.
One moment at a time
I’ll take this day
Letting peace be with me
In what I do and say.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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