Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What is Hope and Where Can I Get It?

There are times
When our hope within,
Has no basis,
And we don’t know where to begin.
Then when we are raised,
A renaissance occurs,
Suddenly hope
Within us God he stirs.
Hope is a light,
A vast eternal flame,
Hope is from God
We find it in His name.
Hope is the love
Of self enough to sustain,
Life as it is,
In Jesus’ name.
We can know this much,
Because it is true,
We know it most certainly,
Because we feel new!
Hope is the grace of presence; to be perfectly content that very second. No matter what we have experienced immediately beforehand, hope comes suddenly, surprising, joyously, relieving, and new!
Hope is living,
Living for today,
But not in any foolish
Or selfish kind of way.
Living very intentionally
Is certainly the theme,
Oh to be fully enrolled,
In God’s hope-embodied scheme!
Hope is a state of mind and heart; poised with all of life beautifully ahead, yet loving the moment in all its cherished simplicity.
Hope is something nimble,
It flexes and gels and more,
It moves with the threads of life,
In ways where we verily explore.
Hope burgeons with myriad options,
Related to the intensity
Of life lived at life’s own pace,
In all of its immensity.
Hope doesn’t shrink. Hope adapts. Hope moves. Hope morphs. Hope explores. Hope reconciles. Hope runs beyond acknowledged weakness and into God’s glorious light.
Hope finds its source in the gospel of God through Jesus our Lord – once one accepts this Christ into their lives – to live and die for.
Each time we open our Bibles, perhaps in a case of annoying and despairing hopelessness, this living Word compels us to search its great mysteries, and the Spirit of God leads us to a passage, a verse, a single word. We are ‘enlightened’ in this as we can only be truly enlightened – the holy revelation of God peering through into our hearts, healing our souls for the moment, for the foreboding, and into a sustaining future.
Hope is a great thing – a schema of God designed to sustain and grow us.
Hope comes when we need it, provided we keep searching and refuse to give up. Great is the hope of God in Jesus Christ. The more we enter into the life and times of Christ, as he lived in others, and how he lives in others, the more we gaze upon the material of healing and partake of what is eternally offered. That’s hope.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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