Friday, August 2, 2013

The Biggest Day of Our Lives

What if Jesus were to return, today? What if this was your last day on the Earth? These are polarising questions that must definitely make every human being take momentary stock – surely. We would be fools, otherwise, to dispute the power of the mysteries of death and the life to come. Inevitabilities are incontrovertible. We die. And the end of the earthly existence will occur.
Every moment of every day is a grand final or playoff experience, but that isn’t said to put pressure on us; if anything we should be pressurised by inspiration – to seize each interspersed instant.
Creating a philosophical environment that sees us attributing eternity to the moment is a blessed state to live in. Again, this is not about making more of those lamentable moments than there needs to be; it gives us hope that there is always the present moment, no matter what has gone before. And it is likely we will have many, many more present moments in our future, so we best make this – today – the biggest day of our lives in any case.
When we get our minds around such a philosophical environment – the paradigm shift – we start to feel in our hearts the longing of opportunity. We all truly want what eternity has to offer in our moments. We want each moment to fully encapsulate the bliss and contentment that will one day enshrine our understanding. Yet, we have down payment on that, here and today, when we recognise that today is the biggest day of our lives – that every moment is a divine event.
Surely God wants us to live this way.
Surely God wills it that we secure the moment by our consciousness and truly do our best to be our best; not in any perfectionist way, but just by the way we are prepared to experience a moment more fully.
If today were to be that day that Jesus would come on the clouds of heaven, initiating the Parousia, we would be well prepared if today was the biggest day of our lives.
The Lord desires us to bring heaven to earth by the way we live. We are to live, somewhat, as we intend to live on that heavenly day – the everlasting day.
Every day is a playoff, a showdown, a grand finale of sorts. Every day is the biggest day of our lives; it could be our last; it could be the last for that special someone in our lives. Life is fleeting and we are best to make today the biggest, most important day of our lives.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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