Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fear Tamed In Jesus’ Name

“But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God... And the Word became flesh and lived among us.”
~John 1:12, 14a (NRSV)
The Incarnation... God in flesh... a babe is born, but not just any babe.  This is Immanuel, the prophesied Christ-child.  He came for a purpose above all secondary purposes: to give us power in his name; the redemption path back to the Father.
Restoration was that purpose.
Jesus came and lived with us (with our kind at least) to identify himself with humanity.  God is perennially closer than we think.
Positions of Restoration
Maybe you’re restored but there’s a taint.  What has once occurred may be a distant memory.  God’s will is that you feel restored, today.  Cast your gaze heavenward.  The Lord knows your prayer.  Then you will receive power for life
Perhaps you’ve never been restored.  You’d not have the foggiest what that’s about.  Search for God.  Knock at Jesus’ door.  As you knock and ask with authentic sincerity, you’ll end up receiving.  You’ll feel like you’ve never felt.  Lighter, cheerier and braver you’ll be.
Possibly you’re living ‘restored’; the best thing.  To take in this life without an encumbrance; to witness without filters and impediments all of what God’s done and doing; to establish feet to the ground, but with mind and heart in heaven; to be able to give and receive love without blight or fanfare... you are very blessed.
You have the keys to the kingdom.
Benediction to Jesus Who Came
To God who visited and from life to death lived just as we live; who didn’t sneer at his creation but loved it that much he wanted to rub up against it and be the physical manifestation of its hope... we give our thanks and praise.
For the Master... the King of kings and the Lord or lords... the Beginning and the End... the Alpha and the Omega... the One who came: glory to God in the highest, that you came, that you saw what you wished to restore.  And for us power came.  Power to become all we were destined to become.
There is power for life in Jesus’ name. But it’s an unconventional power. When we present before God by surrender in faith, and before others in authenticity, we truly experience power. At such a place fear is vanquished. We can be really real at last.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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