Sunday, February 3, 2013

Power from the Ground Up

It’s not from the halcyon heights we derive the spirit to annul defeat. No, from there we complacently take in the sweeping views. The power in resolve is found when the chips are down.
Sinking to the depths,
Is not the end game,
Belief from faith we collect,
That’s the way to take aim.
Stirring within our spirit,
Is the power beyond words,
A power to enfold merit,
Same that empowers birds.
Climbing from the canvas,
The courage to rise up,
Fears forming are foundless,
Overflows the underdog’s cup.
What happens when things draw to a grinding end?
Most people, in most circumstances, will give-in to the pressure and simply fold. Some, however, don’t feel they have a choice but to fight. Wisdom conveys itself and they hear it!
The former look upon the obvious, highly visible signs and believe what they see. The latter don’t believe it can end this way. Even in a flurry of confusion, punch-drunk from the volley of setbacks, they find the poise, somehow, to believe in an invisible vision.
Believing in Myriad Possibilities
The only real difference between those that give up and those who refuse to lie down is the vision they see. Both see no hope, but those who cannot give up insist there must be a way through.
Realistically, there’s always more than one way through.
Not only are there myriad possibilities—limited only by our imagination, ingenuity, and overall pluck—there are other variables to tap into. Like, the faith to believe unstintingly in a selected path once it is envisioned. Or, the resilience to see it all the way through.
Power from the ground up is a simple principle enshrined in truth and God’s Wisdom. It’s not just that God wants to see the battler rise—to conquer their demons; it’s also what the world wants to see.
Such guts inspire everyone.
Power from the ground up is the inspiration of the true story brought to motion picture glory; the championship point from against all odds; and, the victorious battle for remission when opposed to cancer’s scourge. Even more so inspiring is the impossible dream, backed in action, disregarding the eventual result.
It has a million forms; each one inspires us to believe... we, too, can do it.
If you may find yourself reeling from a devastating blow, recoiling in disbelief and strangled for hope, know now that power indwells from the ground up. Unbelievably, you may never be better positioned. Believe in the invisible; hope in the unheard of; love despite it all. Life is now.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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