Sunday, January 6, 2013

To Surrender or Resist – The Question of Life

This is a letter to the hurt, to those hurt by the Church, to the ever resentful, to those who have turned their back on God. It may read as prickly to some; others may find it hard to swallow, but I see God—the Unchanging God—steadfast through all creation.
We have the choice to surrender or resist. It’s a choice.
Could this be a letter of comparative sentiment from God to us?
To my child, whom I brought into this world and whom I will offer to take home to myself,
I designed and created you and you are perfect for my purpose.
You were brought into the world at just the right time and in just the right way, despite what you may feel. Your feelings on the matter of your life, whilst I understand them, are irrelevant in the working of your future. Many have stumbled and fallen because they haven’t understood or accepted this truth—life, your life, is mine, and I love you so much that I have made your life nonnegotiable, partly as an exercise for you to work out.
Your life is no sick joke; your life is my covenant to you of my love for you.
Your life will have meaning if you explore, and understand and ultimately accept what I have decreed, for life in general and for your life, specifically.
Your life will be tormented, on the other hand, if you cannot understand and refuse to accept the terms and conditions of life, and of this life I have given you.
I have given you a choice, as I have created love, and created you in love, so as to ensure you know you are loved.
It’s up to you. I am happy with whatever you choose. But I want you to choose life.
I want you to accept that love is not just nice, but it is tough also, for love holds to the truth, all ways, and love always wants the best, for all the right reasons.
The choice I have provided you is to surrender to the truth of life, of my existence and the construction of life, and to accept your life as it is, or to resist these facts and to go your own way—a way of betrayal—a way toward the end of life—a way away from life.
Those who venture past me, to leave me and follow many millions of other foreign concepts for life, because they suit the frame of the resister, have chosen their own punishment: resentment, hatred, fear, stagnation, waywardness, folly, etc, all in this life—a life lost.
But those who venture inwardly toward me, those who seek rest in me when they are hurt, to those who willingly accept their life is not their own, to these life is given. They receive their life back.
Which road will you take?
Will you choose your own road—the road against your God, and suffer as a result—or will you lose your life to save it?
Will you surrender or resist?
From all other choices in life comes this original choice.
Your Creator & Redeemer.
The secret to life is the knowledge of God. When we understand that surrender means life and resistance means death, suddenly we know an easy choice. We lose our lives to save them. But if we insist on keeping our lives we do immediately lose them. Surrender is life.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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