Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Movement of the Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit chooses His targets carefully.”
— Kenny Luck
Christians often make much ado about being targeted in spiritual warfare by the enemy, Satan. We may be much less prone to thinking that the Holy Spirit targets us in ways to prompt us into obedience and repentance. Indeed, it is much more important to notice the Holy Spirit’s targeting than the enemy’s. If we are prayerfully aware, in a constant way per 1 Thessalonians 5:17, we will enjoy an intimate relationship with this Spirit for Life.
How the Spirit Moves
The Holy Spirit moves through the circumstances of our lives and is never absent. Never is the Spirit of God unaware or inactive. Even when we feel we have been thrown into the lion’s den, there also with us in that space is the Holy Spirit.
The Spirit of God moves with us, in us, in others, and throughout all of life.
The movement of the Spirit is so dynamic and comprehensive we could never identify and analyse it in full understanding. Yet, he moves silently. He is quickly disparaged, and must always be invited in, but he never truly leaves. He operates silently through our conscience, and the blessed of people have protected their moral warehouse such that this silent voice of the Spirit can often be gently heard as much as it is sought.
How the Spirit Moves Us
We are moved through our thoughts and feelings. As we perceive, we discern in ways barely describable in words. In this the Spirit moves us. We can hardly explain what it is that we feel or think. We call it a hunch, and the obedient trust their moral hunches.
This Spirit of God is calling us to apply the Word of God.
He is calling us to a spirit of love, relational openness, and respect, and to get beyond the spirit of contempt, criticism, and defensiveness. He is calling us to justice and fairness as we are personally concerned. The Spirit moves us by our thinking and feeling.
When we feel moved according to biblical morals we can know where God is targeting us. We ought to appreciate that God is always targeting us in good ways; in ways for our welfare and not for our harm; in ways designed to benefit our future and give us hope.
The Holy Spirit moves in the believer’s life, and throughout all life, targeting us in ways that call us to obedience and repentance. This Spirit of God has interest only for our welfare and not for our harm, to benefit our future and give us hope.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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