Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Prayer for God’s Mercy

O Gracious Father of Humanity and All Creation, having failed you once more I sink to my knees knowing my sin and knowing my need of you.
Insight, Lord: Afresh, I have fallen short and have not only sinned against myself, but against you, my God. I have fallen because of my lack of insight, and because I have been deceived again. What is insight without you, Lord? There is no good knowledge that is not yours. Help me to know what is good for me. Give me your Presence through the power of your wisdom. Open the eyes of my heart that I might see you, and want you, and adhere to you. Transform my mind to discern truth.
Save me again, Lord: You sent your Son to die for me, so these despicable places I do see. Had it not been for my salvation I could not see. And having been saved, once and for evermore, I know you will save me again, every time I earnestly seek you. And I seek you now; this very moment; draw me into your holy Presence. Help me to feel the indwelling Holy Spirit.
Courage, Lord: It is difficult for me to be straight with you, because the unconscious shame dwells deeply, and I am a stricken wretch. So I cast myself before you and own even more than my share of sin, if that is possible, just so there would be no barrier between me and you. Save me from self-deceit, and flush out into the light what has long been in darkness. Purge me of long gratuities of vice. Give me the strength to withstand many protective falsities that subsidise my pride. Help me worship you; an exercise in truth.
Refresh my faith, Lord: My faith has taken a hit, and my confidence is shattered. I struggle as I claw up from the ground. My spirit is crushed. But I seek you in faith, to restore my powers of belief. Times as these I forget my successes in living for you. Help me to start again. Help me to reach deeper down into myself, in your name, in redeeming the confidence I have lost.
In the Name of my Saviour, Jesus, I pray—AMEN.
When we have sinned, upon our repentance, we are one honest moment from the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Never better is there than the matter of solemn prayer; to pray for insight, for salvation, for courage, and for faith.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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