Monday, July 16, 2012

Knowing the Intimate Christ

“The more we know of Christ, the more we shall love Him and the better we shall serve Him.”
~Dwight L. Moody (1837–1899)
There are worlds of difference in the knowledge of God. The everyday person knows of Jesus by hearsay, and the Christian knows their Lord more intimately. But the difference between having a slight personal acquaintance with Jesus and living deeply for him is patently vast. The Christian who has committed their lives to following the biblical Jesus will throw all their available effort, and all their love, into increasing their knowledge of this Saviour of theirs.
Knowing the intimate Christ is making ourselves available mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the most important relationship of our lives. Such knowledge is about letting the Spirit of God tap into our psyches via our surrendered obedience. This is allowing intimacy with God to take place. That can only occur when we live and breathe for it.
God never limits intimacy with us; it is only us that limit our intimacy with him.
Getting Past Casual Intimacy
Any marriage worth its salt has gotten past casual intimacy, and continues to do so. It is no good for that marriage to regress. Both husband and wife must nurture intimacy through mutual humility, continually.
Our marriage covenant with God is different.
Because God is always passionate about nurturing intimacy with us, the humility of God is implied. Look at the cross—the greatest example, ever, of enduring humility.
Because we are not so passionate, our humility always needs work. Just like being a conventional husband or wife, we need to continue working hard to know God.
But at the same time we must get rid of all effort to work tirelessly, unless for God.
The Conference Between Work and Love
For intimacy with God both work and love, in conference, are required. They must work together, in a way cooperating. For the work, love is the motive. But work is a tangible product. Love is the attitude, work is the behaviour. True intimacy with God is forged by work and love in unified conference.
The more we seek to be rooted in God, and to remain there, the more we can know him, and the more we can love and better serve him. Love will compel us to work and work will bring meaning to our love. An ongoing conference between the two is sustained: building to an eternal circle representing a continual interplay between the both.
There is always more intimacy with God to be experienced. The more we know Christ, the more we love, and the better, more passionate, our work of service.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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