Friday, December 2, 2011

Blessings of Inner Sabbath

“For we have become partners of Christ, if only we hold our first confidence firm to the end.”

~Hebrews 3:14 (NRSV)

Is there are more important spiritual condition than the contemplative nature of rest, including true nearness, within the Lord our God?

At such a place, where one is free to roam, perfectly still of spirit, even in the presence of pitch darkness, the Spirit prevails. Quiet now...

Privilege of place is not assigned with partiality or without candour. Our God seeks court with us, each one, despite our individual predilections toward wickedness, but according to our desire; Love cannot force a thing!

Conditions of inner Sabbath are many and varied, but the way is narrow yet, equally, expansive as in a voluminous mansion with myriad rooms (John 14:2).

Conditions of Freedom from Inner Work

We may be deceived if we think God, our Creator who rested from the creative work on the seventh day, wishes us to grow incessantly. The Lord implores us to take opportunity to rest. Even better to know positions of rest; to know their location by name and run there at cool opportunity. One second and we’re there.

Contemplation might only truly occur as this freedom from need of inner work prevails, even upon the interspersed moments scattered through each and every day.

We take a leave of absence from virtuous work, choosing instead to bay in the light of the near-and-present Lord just as we are.

And we can do even more to journey to God. We can sit by the blazing Fire; our love, the kindling of devotion as we spread our wings out and enjoy the radiating heat calming our spirits within. All previous images that captivated our minds to distraction, burdening our hearts, are withdrawn and replaced by the mesmerising charm of our holy God.

Partners with a Right to Divine Presence

Bliss is the condition within the heart of the disciple incontrovertibly pressed-in by the Divine Presence. They are there despite the environmental conditions; a spiritual certainty prevails over them whether by darkness or light. All they see is eternal life before them.

These partners think not of the right, but they live the right, without doubt, full of faith, firm in a first confidence that was perfectly reliable from the beginning.

Sabbath belongs in this servant’s heart and nothing will wrest it from them.

Rest is the right of and reward for belief, just as spiritual dissonance is the dessert for the waywardness of unbelief.

Simplicity affords belief. Decisiveness creates freedom. A chosen-for joy is instant entry to the unbridled fascination of God Almighty’s Presence.


Divine Presence is facilitated by the wondrous state of freedom from self. It has no inner concern weighing it down and it is free to be with God just as God designed such an integral, personal, and divine fellowship.

It is the right of every Christian to be honoured in such a way as to achieve the God-yearned-for Presence of Jehovah-Shammah evoking Jehovah-Shalom.


Faith is a simple proposition. Better by far to empty the heart and mind, voluntarily, and just enjoy God. Though it may seem difficult just now, it is possible. Everything with the Lord is possible. All we need bring to the table is belief.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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