Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Blessings of Faith to Conquer

Peter, at the Council at Jerusalem, commends gentiles under the LORD: “... God purified their hearts by faith.” ~Acts 15:9b (NIV).

The obedience of faith—the faith to obey without hesitation—will:

1. Teach us about ourselves, God, and life – otherwise we will remain unteachable.

þ The expression of faith in difficult circumstances makes the unique revelation of the Holy Spirit known to us.

þ When we see what only God can show us we become alert in an instant—the light-bulb of spiritual reason illuminates the otherwise murky stratosphere of the flesh-led soul’s condition.

þ Divine light compels us to learn because it switches on the valve of holy curiosity. Suddenly, we have the wherewithal to desire and fulfil the wisdom challenge; as far as it’s humanly possible. Most of all, we learn about relationships.

þ In sum, the golden gate of humility is opened to us—the godliest virtue. That gate remains open whilst we remain teachable (or in other terms, obedient).

2. Transform us, in our minds, back to God’s truth – otherwise we cannot change, no matter how much we try.

þ Only as we feel, and therefore think, are we conscious of God in our midst.

þ The Holy Spirit needs to become present, by our experience, before any transformation can take place. In the mind, transformation’s seed is sown.

þ Transformation is the business of change in the light of truth; nothing will be beyond the power of God.

þ A soul’s renovation is one step beyond education. Its premise is the openness of learning, but it goes beyond elucidation and on into action.

þ As we are being changed, the Holy Spirit continually affirms what is taking place—a miracle beyond human means. Such disclosure is safe confidence.

3. Train us to live in a resurrected way – otherwise we will remain dead to the abundant life.

þ As the revealed Holy Spirit makes its way known to us, via teaching that blossoms within us and the confidence of transformation, we’re being trained.

þ Training, or discipleship, is an active covenant with God. Underpinning the forward flow of its momentum is the desire of the Lord’s revelation. Purpose is pre-requisite, and right motive is irrevocably established.

þ Such a life modus operandi immerses itself in the abundant life of multiplicity, and therefore blessing.


Much discussion regarding the faith-life centres around inputs—what we must do. Sometimes it goes without the benefits, for there are always benefits when life is lived by faith.

Faith to conquer requites character blessings, redeeming growth, and upon this, the revelation of God.

Faith’s Paradox

Faith to conquer is paradoxical. Because its vehicle is obedience it adheres to surrender—both a meek and powerful thing. It’s powerful, in ways to conquer, because it reveals God; the Lord’s made real and present and relevant.

The key to conquer is the revelation of God. Everything of true life is in that reality—God made real in your life and mine. Only by faith can we reap the blessings of being teachable, transformed, and trained—of a true sense, purified.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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