Saturday, July 16, 2011

Acts – Salvation in One Name

“There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among mortals by which we must be saved.” ~Acts 4:12 (NRSV).

The boldness of Peter and John before the Council at Jerusalem is quite astounding. Only would men filled with the Holy Spirit attempt such a thing as to go before a preeminent cast of pious rulers, elders and scribes to plead the case for Christ—a ‘heretical treason’ for the Jews.

It is clear that Peter and John had arrived before the Council because of the ruckus they had caused a day earlier—God used their arrest so as to put them before men of religious stature.

Evangelistic Preaching – Theme of Acts

There is hardly a clearer theme regarding the speeches of Acts than their evangelistic setting. Christ is preached, and shown, as Saviour and King—no less, Son of God with the Father (Acts 9:20; 13:33).

We could readily strip the whole Bible away, leaving Acts to stand by itself, and we would have an effective witness to the Christ story. Even Paul’s conversion alone is tantamount to the effectiveness of the Spirit’s compelling intervention to turn a self-righteous sinner into a humble saint!

Acts is a gospel account of itself; the presentation of a sound evangelistic theology, explained persuasively and constantly by the Spirit-indwelled, ‘signs and wonders’ wielding apostles.

One Name – Jesus

It goes against grain to a world seeking religious harmony—even to placation of all dissidents—that one name would be above all others. But this is the essential Christian message.

One God, one Saviour; one Lord, Priest/Sanctifier, Healer and (Coming) King.

The license of the devil is in confusion and dilution. Whom do we believe; the God of the Bible or what feels or seems nice in our own understanding of things?

Acts has a solid purpose in our theology. Whenever we feel on shaky ground, faith-wise, we ought to plunge into the story and imagery of First Century Acts.

We can be assured; Jesus is the be-all and end-all in spiritual terms. No other name, rhyme or reason is to claim our worship.


Just one man was all it took, to change the world — its pride he shook.

Only one man besides heaven’s wrath, called to end an eternal trough.

Just one man did the Father send; the will of humankind, Lord’s desire to bend.

Only one man was all it took, for humankind to understand God’s love book.


Just one man was required on that tree; what God conspired Satan did but agree.

Only one man bore the pain of the cross, Righteousness dealt eternally with our dross.

Just one man, God incarnate, drives a wedge amid the enemy’s mandate.

Only one man upset the curse, eternity righted, no need for heaven’s hearse.


Just one man bruised for me and you, this was done, all too true.

Only one man receives such worth; that man — Jesus — divine at birth.

Just one man in whom to trust, given states of faithfulness it’s a faith-held must.

Only one man did the Father use, to spell Satan’s death knell, despatching his ruse.


Just one man, ideal for all humankind, the hopes upon whom, are all defined.

Only one man beheld to know, the one we now set our hearts upon to grow.

Just one man heals our disease; earth’s sudden jolt is abounding heaven’s ease.

Only one man, Lord and King, humanity’s springboard, divine we cling.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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