Monday, June 13, 2011

Just One Man, Jesus

Just one man was all it took, to change the world — its pride he shook.

Only one man besides heaven’s wrath, called to end an eternal trough.

Just one man did the Father send; the will of humankind, Lord’s desire to bend.

Only one man was all it took, for humankind to understand God’s love book.


Just one man was required on that tree; what God conspired Satan did but agree.

Only one man bore the pain of the cross, Righteousness dealt eternally with our dross.

Just one man, God incarnate, drives a wedge amid the enemy’s mandate.

Only one man upset the curse, eternity righted, no need for heaven’s hearse.


Just one man bruised for me and you, this was done, all too true.

Only one man receives such worth; that man — Jesus — divine at birth.

Just one man in whom to trust, given states of faithfulness it’s a faith-held must.

Only one man did the Father use, to spell Satan’s death knell, despatching his ruse.


Just one man, ideal for all humankind, the hopes upon whom, are all defined.

Only one man beheld to know, the one we now set our hearts upon to grow.

Just one man heals our disease; earth’s sudden jolt is abounding heaven’s ease.

Only one man, Lord and King, humanity’s springboard, divine we cling.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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