Friday, November 19, 2010

God’s Dominion – An Intricate Justice

“Tell the innocent how fortunate they are,

for they shall eat the fruit of their labors.

Woe to the guilty! How unfortunate they are,

for what their hands have done shall be done to them.”

~Isaiah 3:10-11 (NRSV).

People of the world, and Christians also, are very apt to see injustices in this life over the justices. We’re not in sync with God to this regard; it’s our common human nature. We’re very regularly influenced by the perception-bending antics of the Media and our thoughts toward justice are most often askew—our bearings amiss.

But we always have a gut feel for when we see justice flaunted. It never sits right.

Trust-Imbued Justice – God’s Domain

God’s justice is one that very plainly requires trust as a prerequisite, for it hardly ever is made-to-effect under our timeline standards.

Human beings don’t find it easy to trust, let’s be frank about it. Whether it’s God or other human beings—or even we ourselves—it doesn’t matter. We don’t like to have to rely. It’s a much easier default for us to be independent in thought, feelings, values, attitudes and behaviour.

But this trust-imbued justice is the ultimate justice and it is worlds superior to the sort of justice we ordinarily settle for.

The justice Isaiah speaks of above is God’s justice, which is entrapped in faith, to hold out for what is most certainly coming.

Taking Advantage of Intricacy

As we begin to repeal our own faulty mindsets and preconceptions of what true justice is about, resisting the temptation to be seduced by the world’s lies, we begin to take the wiser and longer term approach.

Patience then seals our overall approach as our trust is vindicated over and over again.

This intricate justice of God’s—the one we’re championing personally—takes into account many factors that one or even many human beings as a collective cannot see. It is an eternally-relevant justice and time is not a factor that bears any sort of influence over it. Time, in fact, is irrelevant.

Weight of consequence for either blessing or cursing is also not on the radar, for God only knows what the transgression’s worth.

A Personal Lesson

We don’t fit into the frame so far as judging is concerned, ever. Certainly we must make decisions pertaining to our own lives and this is a God-willed expectation, but beyond this we’re blessed most to simply consider that God’s got situations well in hand.

True justice has to be intricate. We cannot ever possibly know all the facts, nuances and issues.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


David said...

Very wise words. I think often about the people who have hurt me and how I hope they pay for it. But it's true that I cannot know all the facts or what the JUST outcome should be- only GOD does. And while I do not know the facts fully, I can rest assured that God deals with all His children 100% fairly. Thanks for your brilliant post, Steve. I find it very helpful.

S. J. Wickham said...

Thank you, David, for that feedback. It's hard being patient in the midst of what God's doing alright. But I think what you've said is nonetheless very, very true. Perhaps it's only going to be in heaven that we'll find out just HOW fair God's been. Here, however, we can know it in faith.
Bless you, mate,