Saturday, October 16, 2010

Standing Low but Lifted Up High

As the solemn soul stands there alone – but in the cast of heaven’s multitude itself – in need of God, and in the midst of praying the prayer of salvation, it is lifted up; the angels of heaven rejoicing with God.

At the point of accepting, and surrendering to, the grace of God at the very moment that the heart-felt prayer is issued to heaven, there sees the soul at last receive its promised anointing, the Spirit descending to dwell deeply within.

This person may have approached the throne of grace and mercy low of heart but they’re esteemed never higher by Jesus and his cast of angels; the Son beseeching the Father for them.


This dichotomy is the reality that for the first time (or again) the soul in question has stood honestly before God—understanding its lack, and therefore its dire need of the Spirit—to accept the resurrection reality of the risen Lord Jesus, the eternal chastener of sin, and to be thankful for same. And in this honest lowliness they are for the first time risen spiritually high above themselves into heaven itself, to take their place with the King.

The moment has arrived. They have achieved what they were born for; this alone.

But now the journey ‘in’ life has only now commenced. The end of searching has ushered in an entirely new search—one that will never be satisfied before the light of eternity graces this soul.

The life that stands lowly right now, surrendered to God, is most paradoxically lifted up, and ever more is that now the case.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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