Monday, April 19, 2010

Beware the Spiritual Tiredness

WE’RE LOATH TO RESPOND TO THE TEMPTATION to sink beneath our potential into spiritual tiredness, at least one form of such is the boredom with which comes when we get routine-rut with our spiritual activity regarding preaching the gospel of salvation.

These times we forget that such a simple message—the one with sets of volumes of great miraculous truth—needs to be continually preached. It never becomes “ho-hum” though we’re tempted to think it such as we continue on our spiritual Groundhog Days.

The task of the spiritual servant in Christ is to repeat the message—in as many and as varied-a-ways as possible—continually so all might hear, and that belief manifest through changed lives might result. This is our hope beyond the temptation to think people are unresponsive. Responsiveness is impossible to note oftentimes as we only have our scant perception. We must believe in faith that we’re approaching and indeed doing the will of God in this ministry effort.

Spiritual boredom, apathy and disinterest—a pattern of dryness—is something that will set in from time to time if we’ll let it. And often unbeknownst to us we do. This is when the will is supposed to break through and see the ruse for what it is and go clear beyond it.

The mysticism of the Spirit is the release of all good energy regarding the fight for ardour. Being swept up in the juiciness of that salubrious power of God-on-high is the ultimate breakwater for the lie of spiritual apathy.

This message of the cross, the forgiveness of sin, the healing blood of Jesus and the resurrection power that comes from knowing the risen Lord is never consumed, ultimately. Our cups are never full, though they can occasionally overflow.

Our cups are filled to overflowing simply to be emptied. And emptied they frequently lay. The power of God draining through us, into others. We exist for others to see the kingdom of God.

Spiritual tiredness is the reminder to get with God’s people, and engage-in-process, to fan the flames of passion for the Saviour Jesus, through worship or ministry or simply fellowship... whatever works; to re-acquaint with the Holy Spirit ticking away silently within us.

We must be alive; we must remain alive!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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