Saturday, February 20, 2010


Some say it will occur in the Year Twenty Twelve,

Pity no one here has any clue to delve,

Charlatans screaming, ‘The End is Nigh,’

The vulnerable forlorn—petrified enough to die.

The Lord told us all thousands of years ago,

The time we have to endure may reveal it all too slow,

For the race here on earth is long—all ducks in a row,

The best we can do whilst here is go, go, go!

The science of the end times is quite a stir,

The timing and circumstances and when they’ll occur,

The more we read and reason and attempt to subjugate,

The more we find we’ve learned to wrongly implicate.

When it comes to passion of belief gone awry,

End time gurus—hung out to dry!

Balance is a word they’ll not readily like,

As they endeavour to convince all what is “right.”

Many find as a stumbling block the whole end times theme,

People who just live their lives as if in a bizarre dream,

Why would they not instead just like to glean,

The true purpose of life—the way of living clean.


What a red herring the End Times can be. I recall a few people over my journey as a Christian who were so bent on setting me and everyone else “straight” on everything from the theology and chronology of the Coming of the Lord to all that must legalistically be done in the here and now to prepare for the event. This propensity made them spiritually eccentric to the letter.

God is never that predictable that we can box a concept like the Parousia up all golden and neat. Nothing of God quite works like that!

What the Lord does expect from us though is to become and remain keenly interested in the broader concept of his return, and there’s plenty of prophetic reading in the Old Book to augment our interest.

There will probably not be another biblical topic so vastly controversial as this; that’s precisely why the devil is so beautifully served when we lose the plot in the detail. We were never meant to know.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


Anonymous said...

Like you say in your poem the Lord said thousands of years ago and what did he say thousands of years ago...the time is at a short while...very hence I am a preterist, because my Lord indicated a return in, as he said, the disciples no fears here or misunderstandings he said it and I believe it Amen Tereza

S. J. Wickham said...

Hi Tereza, thanks for your comment. The time is shortly at hand, as you say; even to-day. We all wait expectantly for Jesus to return. And while we wait we take joy in our salvation and our new-found ability to worship and praise him and serve in his kingdom. Indeed, he said what he said... Rev. 22:18-19. We don't add or take away the smallest letter. In this, bless you. Steve.