Monday, November 2, 2009

Love (Commitment) that Remains Forever

We had it all

Just like Bogey and Bacall

Starring in our old late, late show

Sailing away to Key Largo

There’s something in an old love song that captures the idea of lifelong commitment. It’s a stunningly reflective song, Key Largo (1981), and a dreamy musical statement of the most important principle known to life—faithfulness.

It’s surely every sincere couple’s model dream that they’d be together in that twilight moment of their lives, sailing away to some island paradise, them alone in the world without a single distraction to their love.

As I listened recently, I heard nuances of the sweet yet soft perfection of love; a kinship of the most magnificent sort. As two souls wrap together to produce the spirit of one, there’s the sense that nothing else matters—it’s the end that all bar none seek, the evolvement of life in unison.

I sometimes watch those older couples, the ones married fifty and sixty years, and I simply dream in an admirably envious way what it must be like to have devoted your whole adult life to this sole other person. Yet, it’s the hope of nearly every human being; to fall into rapturous love and share with that companion all of what life is about, and all of what life has to offer them as a couple.

And the amazing thing this couple, or any couple for that matter, has is each other and their sweet memories—for by this time everything insignificant withers and the durable precious juice of life spurts out of every corner of their beings in all its dazzling glory.

Memories are the greatest legacy for this couple; for any couple. And that is, I think, what Key Largo is all about!

Go on, grab a listen right now, and allow it to sweep you away in swooning love.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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